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Marcel Khalif
George Wassouf
Mohamed Ray and Ndirou Lila


Visit this site for recipes:

  • Appetizers - Falafel - Shakshoukeh - Mafghoussa - Mutabbal - Bakdoonsiyeh - Pickled Green Olives - Artichoke Heart with Coriander
  • Salads - The Green leaves of spring in Palestine - Fatoush - Mish - Arabic or Fallahi Salad - Jarjeer Salad
  • Main Dish - Mjaddara - Rishtaye - Chicken Fatteh - Musakhan - Roasted Leg of Lamb - Aubergine with Tomatoes (Msaqa’a)
  • Desserts - Mutabak - Halawiyat Zalatimo - Qatayef - Cream Pudding with Pistachios " 'Eish es-Saraya"



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